Comic event recovery

Every year or so the two big comic companies have there big, universe spanning event that will change everything. More often then not the event is as disappointing as panda express. The question is why do we keep buying into it and allowing these publishers to continue their reign of terror?

I have read comics for a long time, and over the years expanded into more indy realms, but still stayed embedded in the world of “cape” comics as I call them. Lately I find my interest waning and for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the art. Maybe its age or maybe it is my taste growing but the stereotypical super hero drawing its appeal. A woman is not going into combat wearing a thong, and Superman is not 7 feet tall. Also lets try and tell a decent story. I shocked by some of the crap that comes out. Some writers are paid money to put out a story line I would have written at 10.

Some of you might be thinking that all the cape books are like this, and you would be wrong. There are still some great comics being put out. Superman is actually a good read these days, and I have been told Spider-Man is not sucking. This is why I am so confused about some of the shit that is on the stands.

I am getting ready to whittle down my pull box, and start reading more of the smaller press trades. I quit buying crap music a long time ago, and I should have the same standard for my comics.


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