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And Then Our Hero Died

Posted in Uncategorized on July 12, 2010 by greenwolfman

A good writer should feel like an old friend. Today one of my personal favorite writers died, and I feel a bit of a loss.

Harvey Pekar was introduced to me, like many people, by the movie “American Splendor”. I loved the movie, and upon watching it found out my parents were fans of his. This lead me to getting his published works. As I read through his books; I felt as if I was meeting an old friend of my parents.

In the pages of American Splendor, and his one shot graphic novel “Quitter” I read stories that touched me, and learned lessons from an odd little man with a big heart.

Harvey Pekar’s work lit a fire in me to write again. A fire I have let go dim lately, but today upon the announcement of his death, I feel as if the words will not stop coming. Maybe now I will finally make that post on craigslist looking for an artist to collaborate with.

Rest In Peace Harvey Pekar. Your legacy will live on for far longer than your pessimistic mind would ever have thought.