RIP Google Wave

Google seems to be on a trend of launching great products, but doing so poorly. Nexxus One was a great phone but a bitch to order, and most people at least want to hold their 200 toy before spending. Now Google is pulling the plug on Wave.

I liked Wave when it first came out, but I come from a world of IRC, and it was a similar setup. It was also a CPU hog and if you did not have at least a dual core it was a bitch to load, and stole a lot of your CPU. Most people were running newer hardware so that was not such a huge issue.

The real problem was that many of the plugins that exist now did not at launch. Did you know you can create a survey on the fly for your wave? You can easily start a wave with friends and have them vote on where to eat. There is even a sodoku wave. All features I would have used.

None of this existed when there was a buzz (pun intended) about the new service though and most people got bored, and moved on.

A lot of the tech in wave though will now be added to other services (like drag and drop into gmail letters) so it is not a total waste.

RIP Wave. Your Mom and Dad shoved you out of the nest to early, and that isn’t your fault.


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