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This Thanksgiving is one of those years I do not get to spend with my family. The jerks have run off to Madison like they do every other year, and left me an orphaned boy.

I am kidding. They did leave, but of course I was invited, but I could not take that much time off. Instead I will be spending this year with friends like I do every other year when the jerks leave. This is not what I am here to write about. Instead I am going to take a moment state what I am thankful for from the last 365 plus days that have occured.

1. Emusic, you lovely site you. I am allowed to get 100 songs a month for so little money, and not only expand my musical pallet, but share it with my friends. You are a DRM free bastion of independant labels.

2. I am thankful that for a few months I was in a good relationship that helped me get whole again.

3. Maud. you are the bomb and I love you. You are not new, but you are growing up great.

4. My new found love of high end scotch and organic food. My life is enriched.

5. The new writers that have entered my life.


Secretary of State Clinton

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It appears the President Elect Obama has asked Senator Clinton to be his SofS and she has accepted this post. During the primary I voted, and supported Senator Clinton, and I am very happy to seeĀ  that Obama has picked her for this position. I believe the senator is an excellent choice for position.

Now for my non proffesional response. Fuck yeah! Goodbye Candy and hello Hilary.

Top albums of the year

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These are not ranked in order

The Raconteurs – Consolers of the Lonely

Murder By Death – Red Tooth and Claw

Wolf Parade – At Mount Zoomer

The Night Marchers – See You In Magic

Eagles Of Death Metal – Heart On

If this were last year this list would have been a whole lot harder to compile. A lot of good stuff came out in 07. Luckily I have been going through yet another musical awakening this year so I got to cash in big time.